bowling-5EYC at Trinity is a diverse community consisting of youth from all over the Statesboro area.

The youth who participate in EYC come from a variety of backgrounds and are in grades 6 – 12.  Some were raised in the Episcopal Church, some attend different denominations, and others have never attended a church before Trinity.  We invite everyone to come and participate in our EYC programs.

During the school year, we meet on Wednesdays from 6 – 8 pm.  Please email the church (office@trinitystatesboro.org) if you have any questions about upcoming events or programs.

We are using the Journey to Adulthood program to explore self, other, family, friends, faith, the world and God.  It’s a lot of fun – games, activities, worship, nights out at The Clubhouse or some other venture, great food, and mostly great people.  There is always a place at the table for you.